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Micro Financing

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Micro Financing

Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy and it definitely comes as no surprise to see financial institutions offer monetary aid to farmers all across the country. Agricultural loans are available for different kinds of farming-related activities.

Types of Agricultural Loans in India

One can avail a loan for the following activities related to agriculture:

  • Running day to day operations
  • Buying farm machinery such as tractors, harvesters, et cetera
  • Purchasing land
  • Storage purposes
  • Product marketing loans
  • Expansion

Moreover, these financial aids can be offered in form of grants and subsidies too, which are usually meant to protect the farmer in an event of crop damage or loss of crops.

Agricultural loans in India are not only offered to farmers working towards the cultivation of food crops, but they are available to anyone who is engaged in other agriculture-related sectors like horticulture, aquaculture, animal husbandry, silk farming, apiculture and floriculture.

Micro Financing - Services


Our Board of Consultants and Advisors include eminent personalities from almost all key areas related to Financing for agriculture and farming.


With our Team of Experts in the area we are uniquely equipped to connect you to various Govt. Schemes in your area of interest and can also hand hold you through the rigorous and tedious process of applying and availing the same.


Our Consultancy may be extended to Application, Processing and hand holding till final procurement of the finances.


We are having associations with leading Micro Financing Institutions and other Financial Companies as well to cater to any demand of yours.

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